D.E.M.I.S.E. is the enemy orginization and the rivals of H.E.A.R.T.S! Instead of defending the Multiverse, they cause mischief and mayhem towards all innocents!


Since the begininng of time; there has always been chaos... But have you ever wondered what caused this?? The Meteor that caused the dinosuars to become extinct was caused by D.E.M.I.S.E! And that's not all! The San Andreas Fault, The Hindenburg, the 1929 market crash! All were caused by D.E.M.I.S.E's only member... Emily Shinjitsu Makarov, or better known to her minions as Miss Shinjitsu!


  • Azuna Hayate (Muscle)
  • Sylvia Makarov (Spy)
  • Neg-Phonmancemon aka Dark-raemon (Hacker)
  • Jin Chrono (Brains)
  • Preda-Husk (Hunter)
  • Hades (Leader)
  • Thamien Dorn (General)
  • Vector Arugami (mystic)
  • The Purgatory Knight (formerly Justin Hikaru.) (later reji hitsunada aka the brother of hades) (elite guard)
  • Nav (mirror van) aka darkside (swordsman)
  • Emily "Shinjitsu" Makarov (Ultra Chronokinetic Terrorist)
  • Vladamir Makarov
  • Toreli Stripe
  • Purrsephone and Meowlody
  • Shadow Poacher
  • Freddy Krugar
  • Sideshow Bob
  • Dr. Strangeglove

Partnered Businesses [1]Edit

  • Russia, Moscow
  • Ultor
  • STAG
  • The Zin Empire
  • The Glumps
  • The Bad Piggies
  • The Revolting Rebels aka The Bas-Tasrophe Crew
  • The Westside Rollerz
  • Los Carnales
  • Springfield Nuclear Power Plant
  • ATLAS Corperation
  • The Horsemen of the Apocolsype
  • M.A.D. (Formly)

Former Members [2]Edit

  • The Bisket Twins
  • Monban 5000
  • The Dazzlings
  • Discord
  • Doctor Claw
  • Talon Claw

Buddy Monsters [3]Edit

  • Ice Patch Viper
  • Woolly Bully Rama
  • Amnesia Nightmare Kraken
  • Death Ruler 13
  • Heat Rock Stalker
  • Purgatory knights leader, Demios sword dragon
  • Unspeakable Chaos Flight-Ape
  • Ice Blade Joker
  • Demonic Dragon of Demise azi dahaka
  • The Immortal sword durendal
  • Ballistic Calamari Bobo

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