Playable Characters [1]Edit

  • Logan Hinako
  • Monty Hinako
  • Suzan Hinako
  • Petey Perplex
  • Zamantha Jones aka Zam Glam
  • Watto Willingham

Elements [2]Edit

  • Air
  • Water
  • Earth
  • Life
  • Tech
  • Undead
  • Fire
  • Magic
  • Dark
  • Light
  • Paint
  • Plasma
  • Poison
  • Ice
  • Music
  • Time
  • Galaxy
  • Cryptid
  • Movie
  • Mutant

Level 1: Harm Before the Storm [3]Edit

Based off of: Into the Storm

Time: 14:50pm. Date: August 8.

Place: San-Fran-Calico High School, California

Mission: Stop Blackout from trying to blow San-Fran-Calico High School off of the map!

Helpers: Olive and Martini

Playable Characters: Hinako Triplets

Boss: Blackout

Mid-Boss: Ballistic Bobo

Animinis: Snoreboar, Shrubby, Gas Leek and Ink Bomb

Level 2: Somewhere, Beyond the Sea! [4]Edit

Based off of: Deep Blue Sea (1999)

Time: 2:00am. Date: July 28.

Place: Undersea Labs, Pacific Ocean

Mission: Figure out who or what is causing the Sharks to go haywire in the lab!

Helpers: Snow and Brawl

Playable Characters: Hinako Triplets

Boss: Shark Eyes

Animinis: Drama Com, Chain Paw, Vet Bandits and Tick Tocker

Level 3: Little Tokyo, Big Earthquake! [5]Edit

Based off of: Samurai Pizza Cats

Time: 7:00am. Date: November 9th

Place: Little Tokyo, Japan

Mission: Stop Boot Ramp from causing aftershocks in Little Tokyo!

Helpers: Speedy, Polly and Guido

Playable Characters: Hinako Triplets

Boss: Boot Ramp

Mid-Boss: The Robot Dragon

Animinis: Big Sneeze, Crow Cobra, Pizza Muffler and Pa-Goata

Level 4: Rumble in the Jungle! [6]Edit

Based off of: PAW Patrol episode S2E8A, Pups Jungle Trouble aka Pups and the Curse of Mandy

Time: 9:00am. Date: March 3rd

Place: The Jungle, South America

Mission: Help Carlos figure out who stole the Golden Necklace of the Monkey Queen!

Helpers: Carlos

Playable Characters: Hinako Triplets

Boss: Manuel and Temple Sentinel

Animinis: Slur-bot, Slug Dinger, Pup-oeria and Ghost Ryder

Level 5: Taking a Bite Out of Crime! [7]Edit

Based off of: Five Nights at Freddy's

Time: 24:00am. Date: Nov 13th

Place: Sergeant Shadow's Sarsaparilla Saloon

Mission: Figure out the mystery of the Missing Children and stop Sergeant Shadow!

Helpers: Ruff Ruffman, Blossom Von Yum Yum and Chet

Playable Characters: Hinako Triplets and Petey Perplex

Mid-boss: Rachel the Rattlesnake

Boss: Sergeant Shadow


Level 6: Cabin Havoc! [8]Edit

Based off of: Cabin in the Woods

Time: 23:00pm. Date: April 13th

Place: The Ghost Cabin, Canada.

Mission: Help Snooky Wookums save Mechanikat from the Clutches of The Fear Company!

Helpers: Snooky Wookums and Wolfgang

Playable Characters: Hinako Triplets and Watto Willingham

Boss: The 50 Monster Rush!

Animinis: Blade Mage, Hoot Juice, Track Cat and Patience Cluckner

Level 7: Magma Men and Woman!Edit

Based off of: Volcano (1997)

Time: 3:00am. Date: April 25th

Place: Upper Vet Side, San-Fran-Calico

Mission: Stop the Upper Vet Side from getting burned up by Volcanoes!

Helpers: The Big Cheese

Playable Characters: Hinako Triplets

Mid-Boss: The Pyro Rhino



Level 8: Dungeons and Wagons! [9]Edit

Based off of: Harry Potter Franchise

Time: 6:00am. Date: November 14th

Place: Frog Zits Academy, London U.K.

Mission: Explore the school and learn magic to find the Roley Snail!

Helpers: Gwen Ruffman

Playable Characters: Hinako Triplets

Boss: Kalvin the Kaotic Kat


Level 9: Us, Ourselves, and Crime! [10]Edit

Based off of: Point Break and Sly Cooper Franchise

Time: Midnight. Date: February 10th

Place: San-Fran-Calico Museum, California

Mission: Figure out who is stealing artifacts from the Museum from the inside!

Helpers: Sputnik 0.1 and Bad Bird

Playable Characters: Hinako Triplets

Mid-boss: Mad Moai

Boss: The Okanih Triplets, Nagol, Ytnom and Nuzas.


Level 10: Let There Be Stage Fright! [11]Edit

Based off of: Phantom Of The Opera and The Fog

Time: 21:00pm Date: October 31st

Place: Teatro Malibran, Italy

Mission: Restore light to the theater and catch the saboteur!

Helpers: Giovanna Bertarello

Playable Characters: Hinako Triplets

Boss: Jocelyn "Joy" Meissner


Level 11: The Color, Rainbow! [12]Edit

Based off of: The Unfinished Swan and De Blob

Time: 6:00am. Date: June 27th

Place: Seattle, Washington.

Mission: Figure out what happened to the color in Washington D.C!

Helpers: Munroe and Minka Mark

Playable Characters: The Hinako Triplets

Mid-Boss: Smog Wanderer

Boss: Splat-Dow


Level 12: A Shocking Situation! [13]Edit

Based off of: Darkness Falls

Time: 22:00pm. Date: January 24th

Place: Fall River, Massachusetts.

Mission: Restore light to the city before the Dark Army invades!

Helpers: Hack Zap

Playable Characters: The Hinako Triplets

Boss: Y2K Kat aka Rebecca Sweden


Level 13: Bad Medicine [14]Edit

Based off of: Quarantine

Time: 21:00pm. Date: March 10th

Place: Los Angles, San-Fran-Calico

Mission: Figure out what is causing residents to turn into flesh eating monsters!

Helpers: Pepper Clark and Scout Kerry

Playable Characters: The Hinako Triplets

Mid-Boss: Weezy Bake Oven

Boss: Silas, Lord of Venomous Serpents


Level 14: Sno' Globe, Sno' Problem! EditEdit

Based off of: Snowmageddon

Time: 11:00am. Date: December 10th

Place: Jeuno, Alaska

Mission: Find whoever is causing trouble in town and causing the town's problems!

Helpers: Snow Dog and Frost Fight

Playable Characters: The Hinako Triplets

Boss: Azuna Hayate


Level 15: Hounds of Music [15]Edit

Based off of: Animusic

Time: 8:00am. Date: May 12th

Place: The Music Dimension.

Mission: Help return the music from the evil Music Stealers!

Helpers: Zoe Trent

Playable Characters: Logan, Zam Glam and Monty

Mid-Boss: Juan Jorge Jose aka Camera Basher

Boss: Madame Pom aka Miss Destruction


Level 16: The Time Warp Paradox [16]Edit

Based off of: The Rocky Horror Picture Show, Doraemon and Mr. Peabody and Sherman.




Helpers: Noby, Doraemon, Sue, Penny, Mr. Peabody and Sherman

Playable Characters:

Boss: Quantium Bone


Level 17: Invaders from Planet Six Hundred Sixty Six! [17]Edit

Based off of: Killer Klowns from Outer Space, War of the Worlds and The Omen

Time: 3:00am in the morning

Place: San Fran Calico

Mission: Stop the Invasion of U.F.Owlets!

Helpers: Opa Opa and Krypto the Superdog

Playable Characters: Hinako Triplets

Mid-Boss: Sewer Mutated Growl-A-Gator

Boss: King Galaxta


Level 18: The Harden Tooth of the Black Mambo! [18]Edit

Based off of: Legends of the Hidden Temple



Mission: Find the Black Mambo's tooth within the temple's corridors!

Helpers: Yatter Wan

Playable Characters: Hinako Triplets

Boss: Montgomery Molecule


Level 19: Lights, Camera, Hacking! [19]Edit

Based off of: Scott Pilgrim V.S. The World and Steamboat Willie



Mission: Find Cat Smash within the Colorless Frames!

Helpers: Peacock

Playable Characters: Hinako Triplets

Mid-Boss: Mono-Chromatic Kraken

Boss: Cat Smash


Level 20: Mutant Mayhem [20]Edit

Based off of: Resident Evil




Helpers: Mechanikat

Playable Characters: Hinako Triplets

Boss: The Unspeakable Chaos Virus


Level 21: Saving Venus Burlap [21]Edit

Based off of: Mission Impossible

Time: Midnight.

Place: The Menace's Lair

Mission: Rescue Venus Burlap from the Menace!


Playable Characters:


Level 22: The Master Plan Phase 1: Turn Off the Water! [22]Edit

Based off of: Into the Storm, Deep Blue Sea, Sharknado

Time: 48 Hours until Project Chaos

Place: San-Fran-Calico

Mission: Use the flood gates to stop the Shark storm from spreading!

Helpers: Olive, Martini, Snow & Ball, Speedy, Polly, Guido, Carlos, Ruff Ruffman, Blossom Von Yum Yum and Chet

Playable Characters: Hinako Triplets and Petey Perplex

Boss: Blackout, Shark Eyes, Boot Ramp, Manuel and Sergeant Shadow

Level 23: The Master Plan Phase 2: Sabotage!! [23]Edit

Based off of: Point Break, G Force and Knowing

Time: 24 Hours until Project Chaos

Level 24: The Master Plan Phase 3: Sno' Way Out! [24]Edit

Based off of: Day After Tomorrow and Return of the Living Dead

Time: 12 Hours until Project Chaos

Level 25: The Master Plan Phase 4: An Outbreak of Anger!! [25]Edit

Based off of: 28 Days Later and 2012

Time: 1 hour until Project Chaos

Level 26: The End of the Menace [26]Edit

Based off of: Cabin in the Woods, Inception and Sonic Heroes



Mission: Defeat the Menace!


Playable Characters:

Boss: The Menace

Animinis! [27]Edit

Animinis are small creatures that can be made by finding recipes throughout the Multiverse and can join you on your adventures! And there are 4 creatures per element! There are no Animinis in levels 21 to 26

Air [28]Edit

  • Snore Boar
  • Bloated Babbitt
  • Jest Control

Water [29]Edit

  • Slur-Bot

Earth [30]Edit

  • Tracker Cat

Life [31]Edit

  • Shrubby

Tech [32]Edit

  • Chain Paw
  • Blade Mage

Undead [33]Edit

  • Ghost Ryder
  • Patience Cluckner

Fire [34]Edit

  • Gas Leek

Magic [35]Edit

  • Drama Com.

Dark [36]Edit

  • Cobra Crow

Light [37]Edit

  • Pizza Muffler

Paint [38]Edit

  • Ink Bomb

Plasma [39]Edit

  • Big Sneeze

Poison [40]Edit

  • Vet Bandits
  • Hoot Juice

Ice [41]Edit

Music [42]Edit

  • Pup-oeria

Time [43]Edit

  • Tick Tocker

Galaxy [44]Edit

Cryptid [45]Edit

Movie [46]Edit

  • Pa-goata

Mutant [47]Edit

  • Slug Dinger

Transforms [48]Edit

The Hinako Triplets can use the elements to turn themselves into powerful selves! Logan can use them to change suits, Monty changes into monsters and Suzan changes into anything that matches her fashion style.

  • Air: Spark Logan, Pterodactyl Monty and Rain Gear Suzan
  • Water: Scuba Logan, Kraken Monty and Synchronize Swimming Suzan
  • Earth: Miner Logan, Graboid Monty and Sumo Wrestler Suzan
  • Life: Gardener Logan, Venus Fly Trap Monty and Amazon Warrior Suzan
  • Tech: Mechanic Logan. Cyborg Monty and Techno Punk Suzan
  • Undead: Reaper Logan, Werewolf Monty and Goth Suzan
  • Fire: Fire Fighter Logan, Phoenix Monty and Hot Stuff Suzan
  • Magic: Wizard Logan, Dragon Monty and Magic Touch Suzan
  • Darkness: Black Cat Logan, Raven Monty and Ninja Suzan
  • Light: Night Guard Logan, Fallen Angel Monty and Goddess Suzan
  • Paint: Painter Logan, Ink Monster Monty and Gaga Oh La La Suzan
  • Plasma: Static Electricity Logan, Volt Ghost Monty and Dazzler Suzan
  • Poison: Hazmat Logan, Scorpion Monty and Toxic Nurse Suzan
  • Ice: Eskimo Logan, Ice Man Monty and Cold Hearted Suzan
  • Music: Maestro Logan, Sugarplum Monty and Rapper Suzan
  • Time: Logan 90.00, Saw Blade Monty and Cave Cat Suzan
  • Galaxy: Astronaut Logan, Alien Monty and Jedi Suzan
  • Cryptid: Detective Logan, Sasquatch Monty and Griffin Suzan
  • Movie: Director Logan, Xenomorph Monty and Mobster Suzan
  • Mutant: Rabid Logan, Withered Animatronic Monty and Lab Nerd Suzan

Costumes EditEdit

Logan's Costumes [49]Edit

Monty's Costumes Edit

Suzan's Costumes [50]Edit

Petey's Costumes [51]Edit

Zam Glam's Costumes [52]Edit

Olive's Costumes [53]Edit

Martini's Costumes [54]Edit

Snow and Ball's Costumes [55]Edit

Speedy's Costumes [56]Edit

Polly's Costumes [57]Edit

Guido's Costumes [58]Edit

Carlos' Costumes [59]Edit

Ruff Ruffman's Costumes [60]Edit

Princess Pepperdoodle Blossom Von Yum Yum's CostumesEdit

Chet's Costumes [61]Edit

Watto's Costumes [62]Edit

Snooky Wookums' Costumes [63]Edit

Wolfgang's Costumes [64]Edit

Seymour "The Big" Cheese's Costumes [65]Edit

Gwen Ruffman's Costumes [66]Edit

Sunil Nevla's Costumes [67]Edit

Sputnik 0.1's Costumes [68]Edit

Bad Bird's Costumes [69]Edit

Gil's Costumes [70]Edit

Munroe's Costumes [71]Edit

Minka Mark's Costumes [72]Edit

Hack Zap's Costumes [73]Edit

Pepper Clark's Costumes [74]Edit

Snow Dog's Costumes [75]Edit

Frost Fight's Costumes [76]Edit

Zoe Trent's Costumes [77]Edit

Noby's Costumes [78]Edit

Doraemon's Costumes [79]Edit

Sue's Costumes [80]Edit

Sherman's Costumes [81]Edit

Mr. Peabody's Costumes [82]Edit

Penny Peterson's Costumes [83]Edit

Opa Opa's Costumes [84]Edit

Krypto's Costumes [85]Edit

Yatter Wan's Costumes [86]Edit

Peacock's Costumes [87]Edit

Mechanikat's Costumes [88]Edit

DLC Packs [89]Edit

  • Halloween Costume Pack
  • Christmas Time Pack
  • Here's to 2015 Pack-
  • All Around the World Pack-
  • 4th of July Pack-

Achievements List [90]Edit

Voice Cast [91]Edit

Gallery [92]Edit

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