These are weapons that appear in Masters of the Multiverse

Game 1Edit

The Lighting Dodgeball!Edit

Simi-Weap: The Lighting Dodgeball is a rubber dodgeball that is infused with a powerful and unstable Tesla Coil, and is good for shocking your enemies! Just throw it at your foes, and the dodgeball does the rest! Shocking ain't it?! The Lighting Dodgeball, only from WeaponTech!

The Calamari CleaverEdit

Simi-Weap: The Calamari Cleaver, a weapon made by squids, for squids! And other species as well! Combined with the use of a boomerang, just throw it at your foes for a super sushi After throw! The Calamari Cleaver, only from WeaponTech!

The Graboid GloveEdit

Simi-Weap: The Graboid Glove, a weapon that brings a new meaning to the term: "Friends in low places!" Just throw a small satellite from the glove, and a Graboid comes in to do your dirty work! The Graboid Glove, only from WeaponTech!

The Angry Bird SlingshotEdit

Simi-Weap: The Angry Bird Slingshot! A weapon made not just by WeaponTech, but also by the fine folks of Rovio! The ammo is often changed everytime, but if you are familar with Angry Birds, you should know which bird does what! The Angry Birds Slingshot! Only from WeaponTech!

The Gridlock GearEdit

Shakespeare's SkullEdit

The Blaze TamersEdit

The Sea Lion GloveEdit

The Dark Knight CapeEdit

The Light Dragon SwordEdit

The Carnage CanvasEdit

Noah's SparkEdit

The Baked Bad Bazooka!Edit

Sub-Zero SkateboardEdit

The Boom Box BarrierEdit

The Time ThrasherEdit

The Spock-A-Doodle-Doom!Edit

The Amber Archer's BowEdit

Simi-Weap: The Amber Bow is made up of super-glued fossils, with it's arrows made up of the same amber used by John Hammond! Just aim and fire to put your foes into an Amber prison! The amber will then crack, and cause damage to any foe that is in it's shockwave radius! The Amber Archer Bow! Only from WeaponTech!

The Mono-Color MammothEdit

The Eye SpyEdit


Simi-Weap: The S.T.A.W.I..B... This is known as one of the most powerful weapons in the Multiverse!! Just aim and.... FIRE AT ALL CYLINDERS MOTHA-CLUCKA!!!!!! The STAWIB, the true meaning to Showing Them All Who Is Boss!!

The Elite Cruiser!Edit

Game 2Edit

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